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Oracle 11g DB on Windows 7 – Success

Posted by Tyler Muth on November 15, 2009

Short Version

Tried to install Oracle Database 32-bit on Windows 7 32-bit. Failed at Network Configuration section. I found that in my case, the issue was that I installed in a path with spaces in it (c:\program files\oracle\….). Un-installed. Reinstalled in c:\oracle\product\ Success!!!

Longer Version

OK, I admit it, I’ve been running Windows 7 since the first beta was released and I love it. Yes, my blog title has “Linux” in it, and I love Linux too, but I’ve had a few issues with Linux on a laptop in front of customers and that’s something I can’t afford to do. See, my laptop needs to be really agile. I plug it into a different networks, projectors, multiple monitors, I put a Verizon Air card in it, I plug lots of peripherals into it. Linux has failed me in each of those areas on more than one occasion. On the other hand, the fact that Linux is (in my mind) very consistent, stable, and almost completely unwilling to change is EXACTLY why I LOVE it for servers. Every “system” I currently manage is running Linux (which I chose from the start). It’s my appliance OS. I have scripted, nightly RMAN backups and auto-start scripts so these systems are 99% hands off. The only time they’ve been down is when one of pseudo-data centers has gone completely dark for network and power upgrades. They’re all internal, so I’m a bit more relaxed about OS patches, which means I basically ssh into them once every few months to apply patches. That’s it. OK, that was waaaaaayyyyy too much info to qualify why I’m running Windows on my laptop. On a related note, hey Apple, I’m happy to blog about my experience switching to say, a MacBook Pro….

Anyway, I got a bit off topic. Sorry. So I’m running Windows 7 RC1, build 7100, 32-bit. I downloaded the Windows 2008 Server version of Oracle, v. since Server 2k8 is a similar code base to Windows 7. After I got stuck on the network configuration, I checked the install logs, but there wasn’t anything helpful there. So, I ran netca from the command-line and got error that said something about “error at c:\program blah blah blah”. It was obvious that it truncated the path at the first space. So, once I installed in a path with no spaces, everything went fine.

OHS Had Issues Too

I downloaded Oracle HTTP Server as well since that’s my preferred APEX configuration (no, I haven’t tried the new listener on Windows 7 yet, just Linux). The installation got stuck on the configuration section, so I eventually killed the process. However, it appeared that everything installed correctly so I created a DAD, ran opmnctl startall, and presto, APEX was ready to go. OK, I left out the part about dropping the default 11.1 APEX version and installing APEX 3.2.1, but that’s not really important here.

Hopefully this helps someone out there. I’ll take a look and see if there are bugs filed on these issues and file them if I don’t find anything. Windows 7 isn’t supported by Oracle yet, but it can’t hurt to let them know…


15 Responses to “Oracle 11g DB on Windows 7 – Success”

  1. Rahul said

    Excellent and nice.Thanks

  2. jama said

    please can any one help me, which oracle version does support windows 7 ultimate.
    i’m using compaq presario-qc40, my RAm is 2gb nad HDD is 320gb
    dualcore processor, with 64bit compatible.
    so , i have 9i and 10g oracle both version does not support. that means I could not able to install.

    • Tyler Muth said


      Ummm, I think the title of this blog post says it all. Also, the type of computer, amount of RAM, and size of hard drive is really not relevant. However, whether you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit OS is often very relevant when choosing which version of the DB to install.


  3. uniqueuma said

    Hi, I have windows 7 ultimate 32-bit os in my pc. Can any one suggest me which version of Oracle will run? Pls post your comments

    • Tyler Muth said

      Really? Did you read the title of this post?

      • Uniqueuma said

        11g has more than one versions on OTN; and each download is huge. I had installed XE10g initially but the TNS Listener service wasn’t starting. Just wanted to be doubly sure before downloading the korrect version. Do you install R1 or the previous 11.1.O6 version ? I read the title, what about it ?

  4. Andres Toro said

    Heyyy man…who you think you are???…actually, i think you are an asshole. pleas man…be quiet…and please…i invite you to learn oracle…..

    • Uniqueuma said

      11g has more than one versions on OTN; and each download is huge. I had installed XE10g initially but the TNS Listener service wasn’t starting. Just wanted to be doubly sure before downloading the korrect version. Do you install R1 or the previous 11.1.O6 version ? I read the title, what about it ?

  5. Erik van Roon said


    Thanks for this post.
    Don’t get the wrong idea while reading the replies above.
    2 people who either can not read or can not understand simple english, and 1 ‘person’ who finally had some time on the internet without mum or dad looking over his shoulder, so he could finally type in the A-word he just learned.

    Anyway, your post is very helpfull.
    I heard horror-stories about Oracle 11 and Win7, but now that I read this post, I’m having a go at installing win7 this weekend.

    Thanks again.

  6. LOL said

    hi, am running oracle 11g on my hp laptop that has 4gb of ram en a core 2 duo with windows 7 64bit os but the problem is that the Oracle RDBMS Kernel Executable service is taking up almost 1.5gb of ram and CPU usage is above 50% average. is this normal

  7. Stefan said

    So finally is windows 7 supported or no by Oracle?
    There is a version for Windows 2008 which is server.
    Can this one be used with windows 7?

  8. sunny M said

    I have installed windows 7 recently and am having trouble using 11gR2 listener. The service is not restart once it has been shutdown.
    Do i have to reinstall it or run an older version. My problem occurs becuese i shut down the service for oracle after use. and now they don’t want to restart. My computer is 2 Gb mem
    please advice

    • Suchandra said

      Hey Sunny,
      You need to reinstall oracle 11g. To do so go the the installation directort, search for folder named “deinstall”, open the folder and click deinstall. Oracle will be uninstalled. Now install a fresh copy, now make sure you dont change the default path of the installation and checkmark the “create database” box. Let me know the feedback. bye..

  9. Srinidhi said

    Plzz Send me Installation Guide or sumthing . i m trying to installl 11g in windows 7 ultimate but i cant plz help me guys..

  10. Erik van Roon said


    I might be able to help you there.
    a Long time ago I had enough of having to rethink every installation decision again for every application with every reinstall of my machine.

    So Since then I document everything. Every program I install and every (even the simplest) decision I make during installation.

    For Oracle tools I have separate (word) documents including screendumps of every step, because these are not simple ‘3 clicks between download and fun’ installations.

    So if you (or anybody else for that matter) are interested let me know and I’ll make this document (including the scripts I use) available on-line.
    Just a couple of remarks, though:
    – It would require a little patience. The documents where intended for private use and hence are in dutch.
    So, I need to translate them to English for you. I think I can get around to doing that this weekend.
    – I am an Oracle developer. Although I have SOME knowledge that dba’s should have, I am NOT and will not ever be a dba.
    So a dba would possibly (probably) see things in my installation that he/she would not do that way, or maybe even would disapprove of.
    But it gets stuff working for me, and since it’s for my use (testing/training/playground) of the database, and not for production purposes, it’s ok with me.
    However, I do NOT recommend using this procedure for a live database installation without a good look at it by a good dba.
    – This document will be about installing Oracle on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    Let me know!

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