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Logger Project Moved Temporarilly

Posted by Tyler Muth on November 9, 2011

The site samplecode.oracle.com was decommissioned recently. I was hosting a number of projects there including “Logger”, my PL/SQL instrumentation package. Until I find a new home, here’s a temporary link to the latest release (1.4) or if you just want to view the readme use this link. I’ll update this post when I decide on a new home.

This project is still very much alive and I will continue to update it based on your suggestions. I know there are a number of them in my “queue”, I just haven’t had time. My plan is to find a public place to host it such as github where everyone can contribute.

26 Responses to “Logger Project Moved Temporarilly”

  1. tony miller said

    Couldn’t you host it at sourceforge like other APEX projects have done??

  2. Tyler Muth said

    Maybe, though we had some “issues” with that recently that I can’t really get into.

    • tony miller said

      Issues?? Ohh Ok.. Maybe in Oracle’s INFITE wisdom they can offer a NEW location to host such items, similar to the plugin site they now have??

  3. Buzz Killington said

    Can’t or Won’t?

  4. David said

    Chris Beck and I built something similar to this. I’ll look for the code. I’d be interested in comparing features and requirements.

  5. talek said

    github man!

  6. my account please on speed se!

  7. Tony Miller said

    When using logger and you need to raise a user-defined exception, can logger support the logging of the user-defined exception name & number?

    Thank you!!

  8. Hi Tyler,

    what license is the logger being distributed under?

    Is it possible to use it in commercial application?


    • Tyler Muth said


      The lack of a license was just an omission on my part. My intention is that it’s a BSD style license, completely free to use by anyone for anything. The only two things I would like is some mention of me and blog URL somewhere in “the product”, like in the doc or help, and I would like to know about the product. Not to approve or disapprove, just nice to know where your code ends up.

      It’s a crazy week so I doubt I can release an update with a license, but I’ll try soon. Consider this public comment my confirmation that you are free to use it however and wherever you want at no charge.

      Thanks, Tyler

      • Hi Tyler,

        excellent, sounds good to me and I agree with everything you’ve mentioned :). This public statement is fine with me, just needed an “official” statement from your side to be safe. No rush with the license statement.

        I chose a BSD-style license as well: https://www.opal-consulting.de/apex/f?p=20090928:6:0 for my stuff.

        And yes, I will let you know once our software is out :).


        P.S.: Will you be at ODTUG Kscope in Texas this year? Having a good beer together?

  9. nice project .. thanks for sharing …

  10. nk said

    hmm, The temporary link just links back to this page. Is ther a place where i can find this package ?

  11. Not able to locate it.

    • tony miller said

      send me an e-mail @ texas dot apex dot developer at g mail dot com.. I will send you a copy if you like…

  12. Pierre Timmermans said

    I have used this package in the past and I found it perfect for the job. I am not able to locate it neither, will try to send a mail…

    • Pierre Timmermans said

      Sorry, in fact I did download the logger_1.4.0.zip file, I just don’t know where it comes from but it was in the list of downloads from chrome 🙂 So I can start using it straight away. Thanks a lot for this package.

    • Tyler Muth said

      I have moved it to a new source code control system and I and another developer are preparing the release of the next version in a month or so. At that point we’ll also open it up to contributions from the community. So, it’s been a bit static for a while but is about to get more active.

      Thanks, Tyler

      • Hi!

        Couold we get at least latest version to test?

        Damir Vadas

      • tony miller said

        Check your gmail account.. A copy of Logger 1.4 is in your in basket…

      • Mark Wagoner said

        I wish I would have known a new version was coming sooner, I just spent the last few weeks adding code to make the logging levels user-specific. Can you tell me if this functionality has been added to the new version?

        I was also having issues regarding Oracle bug 5733472 “WRONG OUTPUT IN APEX WHEN USING GLOBAL CONTEXT.” I noticed the values were not coming from the context when accessed through APEX, although it worked fine using SQL*Plus or SQL Developer. Have you seen this issue as well? We are on an old version of Apex (4.0) so it could be due to that.

      • Tyler Muth said

        Mark, Martin Giffy D’Souza is working on the session specific logging using cliend_identifier. He’s checked the code in but I don’t think there’s been much testing. I just sent you an email as well. I’ve also logged this potential bug, as it sounds plausible and potentially very frustrating.

      • Uriel Morales said

        Hi, can I get the last version available please?

      • tony miller said

        Latest version is available here: http://www.talkapex.com/2013/05/logger-200-beta.html

  13. Dick Dral said

    Hi Tyler,

    Great product! I was surprised by the ease of installation and use.
    Thank you for creating it, it saves me a lot of time debugging.
    Keep up the good work!

    Dick Dral

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