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I’m a Solution Architect with Oracle Public Sector and former member of the APEX development team.

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

24 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Tyler,

    have a look at http://www.sswug.org/see/36977 They are reusing your blog posting and it looks like that they are just offering it for paying customers. Just to let you know.

    BTW, it would be great if you would add my blog to you blog roll.


  2. tylermuth said


    Thanks for the heads-up on this… I’m seeking some guidance on this situation from others, so if you have anything to add, please feel free to email me at my Oracle address (I think you have it).

    Also, I added you to the blog roll. Sorry for the omission, I haven’t been very good at updating it.


  3. Tyler

    Hi; I’ve just borrowed a fragment of code from your wiki/Branch-wysiwyg/wiki_parse package on sourceforge. I’m using it to help me format text from an Oracle Designer ER model (description and notes) into a sensible format for offline review and change control. I hope you don’t mind the presumption… and thanks in advance. I’ll acknowledge you at more length on my blog when it’s settled down, with some screenshots.

    Regards Nigel

  4. tylermuth said


    Please feel free to use it at will. It’s open source and the only thing I hope to gain from it is a little community acknowledgment here and there.

    Regards Tyler

  5. Don Seiler said


    How do you get the multi-colored code boxes, like in your PL/SQL Associative Arrays post? I’ve just been doing regular PRE tag stuff, but I really like what you have in that post. I think I saw the same sort of feature on Greg Rahn’s blog.

  6. Tyler Muth said


    Here’s a link to the solution for WordPress.

  7. Don Seiler said

    Great thanks!

  8. Dan said


    I’d love to start an open source project with you that works with recurrence. Shoot me an email if your interested…


  9. Olivier said

    Tyler, regarding SQL Dev, the performance is indeed increased when choosing the windows theme, great tip!

  10. Georger said

    Hi Tyler,
    Great blog! Lots of useful stuff! I borrowed some for producing RSS from PL/SQL, works great!
    About your comment in http://eternal-donut.blogspot.com/2008/07/tip-5-using-utlhttp-and-ssl.html about LDAP + SSL – you can do it (actually, I’ve done it) using just DBMS_LDAP and running stunnel, without the need to license ASO. stunnel will intercep regular LDAP calls and route them over SSL for you. It will be 100% transparent to the database – Oracle will think it’s talking to a regular LDAP server – and secure.
    If you want to know more about this, drop me an email. Best regards,


  11. Vineet Gupta said

    Hi Tyler,

    I am facing 1 issue in APEX, when I save the output in pdf in Interactive reports I am getting the following error:

    Acrobat Reader could not open ‘Report[1].pdf because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as a email attachemnt and wasn’t correclty decoded).

    I searched the forums also, but not got any perfect solutions for this.
    Please Please help me out, Its a very urjent issue.

    Vineet Gupta

    • S Craig Deaton said

      Vineet Gupta
      Have you resolved the PDF file type or damage problem reported earlier this year. I am running into the same problem and am seeking a solution.
      Thank you
      S. Craig Deaton

  12. Paul Flynn said

    Hi Tyler,

    I have been trying to integrate JQuery into Apex.

    Specifically I am interested in the date pop up and the resizing of text areas. I am having problems getting the widgets to pick up the images from the CSS. Have you encountered any issues with this?

    Thanks in advance


  13. Sasha said

    Hi Tyler,

    Your blog has been extremely helpful to me. I’m a student writing an application using Oracle Apex for my final project and have no prior experience using Oracle at all but I’ve managed to follow your blog easily.

    I was wondering if you can tell me the database version of Oracle and of Apex used on http://apex.oracle.com/ ? I am trying to find this out so that I can include in my project report the version of the web based software. I had originally installed Oracle 10g Express Edition on my pc but found it more convenient to use http://apex.oracle.com/ .

  14. Sasha said

    Oops, forgot to put in what I think it is!

    Apex – version 3.1

    Oracle Database 11g

    If these are completely wrong, can you let me know please?

    Regards, Sasha

  15. Hi Tyler,

    I am a Development Editor with Packt Publishing Pvt Ltd. We are coming up with a book on “Oracle Application Express Forms Conversion”. We are looking for reviewers to provide feedback on the technical content of the book. It would be of great help if you could review the book for us. Please visit http://www.packtpub.com/author_reviewing_for_packt for more details regarding reviewing.

    Please let me know if this interests you.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Siddharth Mangarole
    Development Editor
    [Packt Publishing]

  16. Pat Miller said

    Georger’s January 9 comment ties in with my comment on the thread Pl/sql LDAP over SSL. I see that he uses stunnel also with dbms_ldap package. Can you or Georger or others on this BLOG give more detail on how this is done, especially if it is confirmed that dbms_ldap does not support ssl to 3rd party LDAP servers.


  17. cami said

    You mention that it’s quite easy to integrate APEX with OAM. Can you provide me with highlight steps about this?

  18. Jimmy Jones said

    I attended the Oracle Cloud Computing presentation in DC this morning. I tried downloading your presentation (ExadataOverview_MixWorkload-TylerMuth.pdf), but I only get the first page. I would really like to receive the entire presentation, including the links to the other presentations as well.
    Would you please send the link to the correctly download the file, as I must have copied it incorrectly.

    – Jimmy

  19. Tom van der Duin said

    Helly Tyler,

    I’m using your logger package and simply love all the functionality! There’s one thing though that was missing for me: in al the log* procedures, there’s a p_scope parameter. On the timer_start and timer_stop, there’s not. I added this to the logger package i’m using, perhaps it’s a good addition to the package?


  20. Oracle Frontovik said

    Thanks for the link to the WordPress “Posting Source Code” page. I have spent a couple of days trying to find a better way than pre and post to format my code examples. Nice one!

  21. Rudolf Noe said

    Hi Tyler,
    while searching an pssql parser for the wiki markup, I found forum entries from you indicating you have already developed this. Is this code available?
    I want to use it for very lightweight Wiki based on APEX.
    Thanks a lot

  22. Gayle Robinson said

    Hello: We are trying to use header variable authentication in APEX and were wondering if anyone can direct us to an example of how this is set up. Every site I find just says “fill in the variables”, but that begs the question – with what?
    Let’s say I use REMOTE_USER for the HTTP header variable name. How do I now access that variable in the post authentication procedure (we need to determine that the person logging in is someone that we have granted access to). Thanks for any help.

  23. Bertha said

    An inglleitent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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