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Alter table Muth add partition Colin…

Posted by Tyler Muth on October 12, 2008

alter tabe Muth 
add partition Colin
weight 4 pounds 13 ounces
length 18 inches

  for i in 1..infinity 
    delete from Muth partition Colin where garment = 'Diaper';
    insert into Muth partition Colin ('Milk');
  end loop;

More pics here if you’re interested.

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A Bit of Toilet Humor

Posted by Tyler Muth on September 2, 2008

If you’re looking for information on Oracle, Application Express, or Linux, you will NOT find it in this post. I struggled with this one, as it’s probably not appropriate for a professional blog, but it made me laugh so hard that I feel I would be doing the world a disservice by not sharing it. So, if you are offended by bathroom-centric subjects, please move on to another post…

The following sign was posted in the locker room of my gym in several locations… LAMINATED!!!  I thought maybe it was a joke, but it remained posted for several days (I’ll check tonight to see if it’s still there).  Enjoy!

courtesy flush defined

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Dogs Like Vacation Too

Posted by Tyler Muth on August 13, 2008

This one is for the dog lovers out there.  The following 2 links are of our dog jumping off a dock on Torch Lake, Michigan.  They’re both very short, but they do include sound, so mute your speakers if you’re in an office.


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I walked 1.27 Miles to My Gate at Dulles

Posted by Tyler Muth on July 23, 2008

This week a colleague (Chris Beck) and I flew to Boston to meet with a customer. Those of you familiar with Washing Dulles Airport know that you can walk to the “B” gates now via an underground tunnel.  We were at gate B64, which is in a new section of the B gates and one of the farthest points from the tunnel exit. While the walk was great exercise, it seemed like it took forever to get there, so just out of curiosity, I checked out the distance via GMaps Pedometer.  Here’s a direct link to my route if you’re interested.


It’s also a very cool tool if you’re a runner / walker and are curious about how far you went.

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Kite Runner on DVD

Posted by Tyler Muth on June 24, 2008

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a tech blog, but the recent release of Kite Runner on DVD (Official Site, Wikipedia Article) prompted me to post this.  If you didn’t get a chance to see this in the theater, check your local Independent theater to see if they’re still running it.  My wife and I saw this when it first came out and it was breathtaking.  The combination of it being set in Kabul, the characters speaking mainly the Afghan dialect of Dari with English sub titles, and the Afghan music really set this movie apart from anything you’ve seen.  I’m not a big connoisseur of foreign or independent films, but this was such a welcome change from the usual crap on the big screen.  Now that it’s out on DVD, there’s no excuse not to see it, though I will say that the sound and cinematography lend themselves well to a big screen and a surround sound system.  If you don’t have either, try and find it in a theater.  My wife had read the book long before the movie came out and loved it.

One word of caution.  There is a pretty controversial scene in this movie that I would probably not show to my children.  I’m not telling anyone what to do with their children, just wanted you to be aware of this before you bring it home for the whole family to watch.  More details here (due to the title and content of this story, you might not want to read this at work).

If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you might check out the Redbox site to see if there’s a box near you.  It’s hard to beat $1 / day and pickup / dropoff in your local grocery store.  Note that it’s sooo much easier to select and reserve online than it is to browse titles in the store while people are standing behind you impatiently tapping their feet… not that I’ve done that or anything.

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