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Logger 1.2.2 Released

Posted by Tyler Muth on February 19, 2010

I justed commited Logger 1.2.2 which addresses several bugs in the previous release. The change log at the bottom of the project page has more details. Thanks to John Flack and Bill Wheeling for taking the time to find and “log” these issues.


6 Responses to “Logger 1.2.2 Released”

  1. Tony said

    I am curious if anyone else would find it useful to log the apex user name along with the apex session when performing LOG_APEX_ITEMS. I just find that when I use this feature I generally want to look up a specific persons session variable.

  2. Hi Tyler,

    Excellent job with this package. I’m currently looking at replacing our existing logging package with this one. One thing that I’m having trouble with is tracking batch jobs. Our current process has 2 columns, batch_type and batch_id, which you can pass into each call so that you can easily trace through batch processes.

    Given the current functionality of logger I’d probably store this information in the “EXTRA” column. The only catch is that it takes away the “EXTRA” column for clob information. Do you think it would be of value to add extra columns to help identify batch processes? If not, would you recommend that I do this in another way?

    Thank you,


  3. Tyler Muth said


    In my opinion you should set MODULE and ACTION in your batch process using DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO. Logger will pick up these columns automatically and they’ll also show up in v$session and whole bunch of other v$ views.

    If you don’t like that solution, you can simply use the p_scope parameter and use a dot to separate the levels of scope: BATCH1.FOO, BATCH1.BAR etc.

  4. Tyler Muth said


    There is a related row in logger_logs that has this info (as well as module and action). I really need to put together a SQL Developer drill-down report to make this more obvious.

  5. Hi Tyler,

    I just upgraded from 1.2.0 to 1.2.2. To upgrade I ran the 1.2.2 installation script and ignored the errors. As this project continues will you plan to include validations in the installation script so that it can upgrade existing versions with no errors?

    Thank you,


  6. Hello Tyler!

    First of all: Great Job! Simple to use and very powerful.

    I developed another Log-System under Oracle. It’s a complete database wide Log-System available under the LGPL (look at LEHS (Sourceforge)).

    One of the Users just asked me, if LEHS can’t be combined with your Logger Project. Please have a look on my Project LEHS and let me know, if you agree with this idea. Please contact me via eMail.

    Best regards,

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