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APEX “Application Process” Bookmarklet

Posted by Tyler Muth on October 12, 2009

If you’re an APEX developer and doing a lot of AJAX work, you probably spend a lot of time clicking between pages and the “Application Process” section of APEX.   In APEX 3.1 and 3.2 it takes 2 clicks on links that are on very different parts of the page.  Unless you do this a lot, you probably think I’m crazy for complaining about this, but if you are doing a lot of AJAX development, it’s enough to drive you insane.  I even kept a separate browser (Safari) open just for App Processes.

Solution:  I wrote a super simple bookmarklet that reduces this to one click.  Since WordPress.com is blocking my ability to post a link with JavaScript code in it, you’ll have to manually create a new bookmark on your web browsers bookmark toolbar using the following for the URL:


Now, once you’ve logged into the APEX builder that bookmark will take you straight to the Application Process section using the same APEX session.


4 Responses to “APEX “Application Process” Bookmarklet”

  1. VA said

    Nice idea. Another pet peeve of mine is editing Page 0. If you are editing, say, Page 10, jump to Page 0 to make a change, you need to navigate back to Page 10 to run it. Is there a easy way to edit Page 0 without changing the “current” page in the Builder?

  2. […] Link to the original site Tags: Ajax, Apex, Application Process, Bookmarklet, Developer, ORACLE BLOGS […]

  3. Omar said

    I think the link
    Page visit logging
    is broken, may be it is the same as


  4. very good

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