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ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010

Posted by Tyler Muth on July 1, 2010

I had the great opportunity to attend and work ODTUG this year in Washington, DC. I went into it expecting to work a few of the hands-on labs for APEX and hopefully catch up with a few old friends. However, I really underestimated the value of getting that many brilliant people together. Every session I attended was really well thought out and packed with great information. From the APEX plugin panel to Cary Millsap’s discussion on SQL trace files. I also had a lot of great discussions with people that were not presenting that shared some really creative ideas. Even the questions people were asking in the hands-on labs were really insightful and thought provoking. If you ever get the opportunity, I strongly recommend you attend.

It was also great to finally meet a lot of people face to face that I’ve “worked with” online for years. The Oracle community, especially the APEX corner of it is a exceptional resource and I’m really lucky to be a part of it. I’ve dabbled in other technologies (which shall remain nameless) and tried to learn from their respective communities and I’ve never seen one as friendly and willing to help as ours. On a related note, thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on logger.  I really had no idea there were so many people using it.

Finally, it was really great to hang out with my friends from the APEX team, both old and new. They’re some of the most talented and motivated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It’s too bad this event isn’t in DC every year… twice a year 😉


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