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What Would You Tell a Potential Blogger?

Posted by Tyler Muth on October 12, 2008

I have a great opportunity to speak to a group of University students about blogging.  I have a lot of advice based on my experiences, but I discovered early on that one of the most valuable aspects of blogging is that you can learn more from your community than they can learn from you (if you are willing to listen).  So, what advice would you offer someone who is considering starting a blog?  These students are undergraduates in the Business School and the title of the course is “Social Networking and Business”. 

The irony of this question is that one piece of advice I have for them is to post often, yet I’ve been slacking lately.  It’s not because I don’t want to blog, I really enjoy it, but I’ve had some pretty big “projects” going on lately and something had to give.  More on that in another post…


3 Responses to “What Would You Tell a Potential Blogger?”

  1. Hi Tyler,

    My advise would be just the opposite of your quantitative minded irony. As I’d much rather read a qualitative sound blogpost, then 10 half-baked ones.

    But still, the best argument you can make, is to emphasize the need for being a moving part in a community. It not only helps others, but also really boosts your own knowledge, skills and most importantly your own morale. This really boosts your commitment and others benefit from your experiences.

    Blogging is a process where you come full circle, doing good to others results in good things for yourself, in an unselfish way.

    Just my two cents 😉


  2. Brian Tkatch said

    1. Post often
    2. Be personal in writing style.
    3. Post often
    4. Check for spilling mitsakes before posting.
    5. Post often
    6. Assume reader are intelligent.
    7. Post often
    8. Assume readers are lazy.
    9. Post often
    10. Provide what is interesting to you, as opposed to what you think should be interesting top the reader.
    11. Post often
    12. Assume the reader does not read the blog too often; use links to refer to related older articles.
    13. Post often
    14. Be gracious and thankful to the readers.
    15. Post often
    16. Be polite and responsive to comments and emails about the blog.
    17. Post often

    I hope that is a start, besides the odd post often comment.

  3. Craig said

    Hi Tyler

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog recently (amongst others) and I wrote my first post today. I have used the same css theme as your blog but the text is so small I can’t read the post! (www.craigz.wordpress.com)

    Did you make any changes to the settings to get the font size you have on your posts? Thank you.


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