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Alter table Muth add partition Colin…

Posted by Tyler Muth on October 12, 2008

alter tabe Muth 
add partition Colin
weight 4 pounds 13 ounces
length 18 inches

  for i in 1..infinity 
    delete from Muth partition Colin where garment = 'Diaper';
    insert into Muth partition Colin ('Milk');
  end loop;

More pics here if you’re interested.


10 Responses to “Alter table Muth add partition Colin…”

  1. Bunditj said

    Very nice logic, it make me keep smiling. 🙂

  2. Paulo Vale said

    Lots of work waiting for you. It would be nice if it was so simple as the script 😉

  3. Simon Gadd said

    Hi Tyler.

    Very many congratulations to you both. You must be delighted.

    PS. Didn’t know Oracle did shirts in Colin’s size 🙂

  4. Congratulations!! Awesome picture!!
    Is the human race evolving? Don’t you think new-borns look more defined than they used to??

  5. Christina Cho said

    Congratulations, Tyler!!
    Colin looks awesome! Welcome to the delightful and rewarding parenthood journey.

    – Christina

  6. Kris said

    Congrats. but you got the scope wrong. I think it’s more like:

    ALTER SYSTEM SET core_dump_dest=’/mnt/diaper/genie’ SCOPE=BOTH;
    alter system switch logfile;
    Alter system set audit_trail deferred;
    alter system quiesce;

  7. Scott said


    If only the time between diapers were a fixed interval… 🙂

    – Scott –

  8. Tyler Muth said

    Simon: Well, my shirt is a Miami University (Oxford, OH. We were a school before Florida was a state). His was just something the hospital had. Good idea though, I should try and find an Oracle shirt in his size 😉

    Girl-next-door: That picture was taken almost 2 weeks after he was born. He was born 6 weeks early, so he had to stay in the hospital. I’m not sure if this supports or refutes your theory, as he’s either 2 weeks, or -4 weeks depending on how you want to count.

    Kris: Nice! The “system” scope is a lot more funny.

    Scott: Right now it’s a very fixed interval as he doesn’t cry when he goes in his diaper. We feed him every 3 hours, so we just change him right before we feed him. Those were the instructions of his Dr. as well as a whole crew of amazing nurses in the Special Care Nursery at Sibley, so we’re going with it for now.

  9. Joao said

    Baby looks like his dad 🙂

    truncate table sleep;
    insert into sleep (to_do) values (‘cry baby, cry’);


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