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A Bit of Toilet Humor

Posted by Tyler Muth on September 2, 2008

If you’re looking for information on Oracle, Application Express, or Linux, you will NOT find it in this post. I struggled with this one, as it’s probably not appropriate for a professional blog, but it made me laugh so hard that I feel I would be doing the world a disservice by not sharing it. So, if you are offended by bathroom-centric subjects, please move on to another post…

The following sign was posted in the locker room of my gym in several locations… LAMINATED!!!  I thought maybe it was a joke, but it remained posted for several days (I’ll check tonight to see if it’s still there).  Enjoy!

courtesy flush defined


10 Responses to “A Bit of Toilet Humor”

  1. Stew said

    Would that more locker rooms had a similar sign! 🙂

  2. ebuddelm said

    I just came back from cycling through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France while camping. About every second camping site had a sign that said more or less the same. And most of us will have seen the public toilets in several countries. So we know a sign like this should not be needed, but it still is.

  3. hahhahaa…


  4. I’m sure there was a missed opportunity here for an Oracle related joke based on the need to flush your cache often.

    I’ve just come back from a family vacation in a travel trailer (what they call a caravan in the Old Country). The art of the prompt courtesy flush was drilled into the kids from Day 1.

  5. Jason said

    What can I say? Suprising, yet appropriate. Along with stylish and durable (laminated) :”)

  6. Robert Klemme said

    I wonder whether they made sure that the water system can sustain appropriate throughput for high load – um – applications.

  7. I’m not sure what to think about this. Either that’s quite a high-brow fitness facility you go to, or it must have been really, really bad in there before.


    • Amy said

      I for one know how badly these signs are needed. I just had to close our restroom to any public access because I have a one room office w/ a bathroom & while I’m meeting with a famliy (Cemetery business) who has lost a loved one or making a sale; some rude individual will pop in thinking we’re a public toilet for all & right beside my chair beyond the paper thin walls do things I can’t stand to hear or smell. I can’t throw up while meeting with a family so it’d become a serious issue.

  8. Another Joel said

    In the arid Southern California area, they want you to conserve water, flushing as little as possible, as least often as possible. A large military data processing center replaced all the men’s urinals with waterless urinals, filled with an oil, so the waste doesn’t stay in contact with air, and siphons itself down as volume is added.

    Naturally, the higher acidity of this waste compared to water-flushed waste rapidly ate through the WWII vintage cast-iron sewer lines, making the entire facility uninhabitable.

    Personally smelled and observed.

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