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New APEX Blogger Christopher Beck

Posted by Tyler Muth on August 10, 2008

I’d like to welcome Christopher Beck to the APEX / Oracle / PL/SQL blogging community.  I met Chris when I interviewed at Oracle over 8 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since.  He worked with Mike Hichwa and Raj Matamal as one of the original authors of WebDB, as well as writing the first Apache module to serve PL/SQL (neither of us know if this became mod_plsql or not).  Chris worked for Tom Kyte on his “Special Projects Team” (for lack of a better description) for many years.  He co-authored “Beginning Oracle Programming” with Tom Kyte and Sean Dillon.  Funny story about that, his face made the cover of the original Wrox Press version, but apparently his shoulders weren’t broad enough to fill the space so they used someone else’s shoulders:


Chris is one of the best PL/SQL programmers I know.  Whenever I get stuck, he’s the first person I turn to.  He’s also VERY good at breaking other people’s code, which is one of the most valuable yet annoying traits you can imagine.  I’ve learned to embrace this quality, as I know he will find bugs in my code that would take others months to find. 

He already has a couple of very cool posts including:

I’m sure we’ll see lot more useful examples in the future, including some cool object-oriented PL/SQL, offset by some procedural Java 😉


3 Responses to “New APEX Blogger Christopher Beck”

  1. Tyler, thanks for the link!

  2. Tim Arnold said

    Yeah I remember Chris Beck as one of the authors of Webview.
    I downloaded a bunch of versions of that code from Kyte’s site. Pretty impressive – it was stroke of genius. But it was also genius to make the next step (Kallman?) to WebDB.
    I like to find an article on the history and evolution of ApeX.
    There was guy named John Thorpe who pretty good, too. Is he still around?

  3. @Tim: It’s truly Mike Hichwa who should get the credit for taking the concepts of browser-driven declarative programming and turning that into APEX.

    John’s still around, but certainly not at Oracle (actually, at BDNA). His “SiteBuilder” was eventually transformed into Portal.

    @Tyler: Thanks for the props on Beginning Oracle Programming. 😉

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