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2 Reasons Not to Live Here

Posted by Tyler Muth on August 3, 2008

By “Here” I mean the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  I live in Bethesda, Maryland.  The Oracle office is in Reston, Virginia, exactly 17.8 miles from my house.  95% of the trip is on large, 8 lane highways, so of course google maps estimates this will take 26 minutes.  Whatever. I went it into the office twice this week and each time it took me over an hour to get home… 1:04 to be exact on Friday… and I left at 4pm!!!  The traffic here is hard to believe, and Friday was sunny.  If it rains or snows, forget it, I’m not leaving my house. If my management wasn’t flexible about working from home I’d either have to find a closer house or new job… and I happen to like both.

The other thing is the heat.  99°F and what felt like 99% humidity is just miserable in the summer.  OK, I’m done complaining.  There are a lot of great things about this area too, I just can’t remember them right now.



10 Responses to “2 Reasons Not to Live Here”

  1. I see your 99°F and raise you 8 to 107°F of course it’s a dry heat 😉

  2. I spent last summer commuting from Fairfax to NE DC by motorbike to get on the 395 HOV lane. I’d fill little plastic sandwich bags with water and put them in the freezer at work, then have lovely flat ice cubes to keep me cool on the way home. Now I have a mere 4 miles to drive (or walk) … bliss.

    Oh, you forgot to mention the mosquitos.

  3. Tom said

    Inflexible management is the worst thing in the world. Especially when you are a production DBA, you have been up all night, and they whine that you didn’t come in the next day. It’s nice to know yours are flexible : )

  4. Kevin said

    I feel your pain … a few summers ago I commuted from Reston, VA to Lanham, MD (completely opposite side of the beltway). Most days my commute was 1 hr – 1.5 hrs each way. A few times I had a commute of > 2hrs due to weather or traffic incidents. I now live and work in Reston so it’s all good 🙂

  5. Tim Arnold said

    Boo Hoo, rookie! I feel your pain
    Columbia,MD to DC five days a week. 40 each way. Off Hours though. Ironically that is when construction starts.

    You can work from home sometimes, right?
    Hey Tyler, where are all the ApeX jobs?


  6. Dinesh said

    Hi Tyler,

    Sterling, VA to Columbia, MD.

    Only twice a week and off peak hours. I stack up on food, drinks, podcasts, music to keep me awake. Checking http://www.trafficland.com/ is a must before you start.
    Atleast It will be easier for me to get to and back from Open world. (beign close to Dulles Airport).


  7. Shannon St. Dennis said

    You should think about coming to Regina in february… 🙂

  8. Calvin Jackson said

    Hello Tyler…
    I met you on a conference call with the NC DPI. I’m from Herndon, VA, my parents now live in Countryside (Sterling VA). I visit the area a minimum of 4 times a year – and I feel your pain. I would never live there again, on purpose. I’ve been in the Raleigh NC area now for 24 years…COME ON DOWN!!

  9. rencierty said

    Engaging writing. i will visit soon!!

  10. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?
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