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JavaScript, can we just be friends?

Posted by Tyler Muth on February 24, 2008

JavaScript and I have some “history”.  See, we were introduced about 8 years ago.  Things were on and off forI_Heart_JavaScript a while, and I really only called her when I was desperate.  We weren’t really right for each other.  She was always lying to me and was impossible to understand.  Frankly, I cheated on her every chance I got with PL/SQL or PHP, and even flirted with Flash a few times.  I constantly told her she was the best, the only one for me just so she would do what I want, while secretly talking badly about her behind her back.  Oh, and she never got along my friends.  When Firefox came over everything was fine, but man you should have seen how she behaved around IE.  I lost all touch with Opera and Safari because it just wasn’t worth the hassle.  We both had some growing up to do, so a couple of years ago, I left her completely.  I heard she’s been seeing some guy named Carl, and that he knew her better than she knew herself… apparently he really treated her well.   ajax do you like me

To be totally honest, I’m not really interested in JavaScript, it’s her younger, hotter sister “Ajax”.  I’ve been trying to get to know Ajax better lately, but JavaScript keeps stepping in and reminding me of our past. I now realize that the only way I have a chance with Ajax is to make things right with JavaScript.

So, I sought help from a relationship counseling practice called YUI Theater. If only I would have found them sooner.  They’re such a good resource to help me understand JavaScript better.  Their lead counselor, Douglas Crockford has taught me so much already.  Crockford has a great series of videos including “Introduction to JavaScript”, “Advanced JavaScript”, and “An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM”.  JavaScript, I’m finally starting to understand you…


14 Responses to “JavaScript, can we just be friends?”

  1. Tyler Muth said

    You can also find this series on iTunes by searching for YUI Theater or clicking here. If you like to listen to the audio only in the car or at the gym like I do, you can use this technique to extract the audio into an MP3.

  2. Bhavesh said

    Nice one there! Hillarious with substance πŸ™‚

  3. chris neumueller said

    Nice ;-). I really liked the YUI theater videos, too. Crockford’s homepage also has a few articles about javascript (http://javascript.crockford.com/). You might also want to check out stuff from John Resig (http://ejohn.org/), the author of JQuery. His book “Pro Javascript Techniques” has very good technical content, but he’s not a great writer.

  4. Justin said


    Very funny yet so true with myself and so many others. Thanks for the good laugh. It seems JavaScript got around πŸ™‚

  5. Hey if you treat your javascript with the respect it deserves it will treat you good πŸ˜‰


  6. Stew Stryker said

    Ah… Geek love angst. It’s so beautiful. I bet you loved her most for all the junk in her trunk, that infinitely big list of libraries you needed to call to get anywhere with her.

  7. Tyler Muth said

    Stew, are you implying that JavaScript Got Back? πŸ˜‰

  8. mwarden said

    There is no library that actually understands JavaScript like YUI does. All the others try to change JavaScript, just like I bet you did when you were with her.

    JavaScript is a unique language, and the only library I have seen that has been able to accentuate her beauty (rather than try to cover it up) is YUI.

  9. Tyler Muth said

    Matt, I noticed from your page that you spent some time at Miami of Ohio. My wife and I are both Miami grads… small world!

  10. Hi Tyler,
    It’s a good humorous comparison. Your blogs are informative and your way of writing blog is interesting.

  11. Max Agrazal said

    Two thumbs up!

  12. […] JavaScript love story – almost – Heute, 10:00 JavaScript, can we just be friends? « Tyler Muth’s Blog hat mich doch sehr an meine beziehung mit JavaScript erinnert πŸ˜‰ Der spricht noch so manchem […]

  13. Great Blog.

    A couple of good laughs while browsing for solutions are always welcome.
    I ll be sure to try that YUI thing.

    I ve never really had many problems with javascript but then again i ve only been using it for a couple of years.

    best regards

  14. Greetings, I am going to be adding a few links to my homepage about programming.
    Would you mind I linked here?
    Contact me by e-mail.

    best regards

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