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Add Code w/ Syntax Highlighting to PowerPoint

Posted by Tyler Muth on February 6, 2013

…or any media that supports rich text or HTML. I often include code-snippets or queries in technical presentations. I find them much more visually appealing and easier to read if they include syntax highlighting. If you’re using Notepad++ on Windows, it’s trivial. Simply go to the “Plugins” menu > “NppExport” > “Copy all formats to clipboard”. Check out the screenshot below as well as an example slide from my talk last year at E4. On a related note, ZoomIt is a nice tool for presentations involving code or other things that are hard to read so you can zoom in on them.

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting Export



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5 Responses to “Add Code w/ Syntax Highlighting to PowerPoint”

  1. Uwe Hesse said

    Nice and handy, thank you! I also like the logon-trigger example :)
    Kind regards

  2. Wow! In the end I got a blog from where I know how to actually obtain helpful information regarding my study and knowledge.

  3. mattdeet said

    Post something soon!

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